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116 Trophy Official Press Release

New for 2022, the team behind the 116 Trophy Endurance Series proudly present, the ‘116 Sprint’. An evolution from the hugely popular endurance format, the 116 Sprint challenge raises the stakes, delivering increases in power, speed and drama.

A premium Motorsport format that takes the modern and widely available F20/21 116 BMW with the extremely reliable ‘N13B16’ four-cylinder engine, and utilising over ten years of industry expertise, transforms it into a high powered, turbocharged, rear-wheel-drive force to be reckoned with. Specifically designed for those club racers that crave a fast and competitive, modern performance vehicle.

The 116 sprint build will deliver; 240bhp/tonne output, a limited-slip differential, a T54 multi-point bolt-in roll cage, control tyres, composite bonnet and tailgate, polycarbonate windows, adjustable suspension and anti-roll bars and a hybrid turbo, exhaust and ECU re-map. Drivers will also get to choose between a conventional manual gearbox or an impressive ZF eight-speed paddle-shifter.

As 2021 draws to a close, the first batch of sprint vehicles is nearing completion. In 2022 the 116 Sprint Challenge will undertake its inaugural standalone season, running alongside 116 Trophy events. The debut will take place at the 750 Motor Club’s Road sports event, where the cars will contest Class B.

Although requiring a more substantial investment, the 116 Sprint Challenge will be governed with the same passion, knowledge and rigorous attention to detail that has driven the 116 Trophy to success, over the last three seasons. Building on the same ethos as its endurance counterpart, this one-make series will be a true test of driver talent.

Are you ready for the Challenge?

For further information and a copy of draft regulations (once published) contact or call 07809119082


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David Pickup
David Pickup
Nov 04, 2021

Exciting Times. 😁

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